Nasa will pay you $10,000 to stay in bed and watch tv for 70 days

Submitted Tue, 09/17/2013 - 10:50am by Jojo

This is really happening.

Who's coming with me.

A NASA study could be a couch potatoes dream. NASA is looking for volunteers to stay in bed for 70 days. Recruits will be fed to maintain weight and can even shower in bed. No word on how they use the bathroom for relief purposes. The participants will received $10,000 compensation and will have access to TV, movies, books, and video games. The study will help NASA understand how humans travel in space for extended periods of time.-(Newsbreaker)

You can apply here.

Click this link and you'll get to watch a video about it and stuff.


NASA Recruits Volunteers to Stay in Bed for 70 Days and Make $5,000